Sue Bolen Publicity: Delivering measurable publicity results | Client Stories

Modeling Camp/Camp Fashion Design

This four day boot camp started in 2010, had one location when Sue Bolen Publicity, LLC launched the camp. In just six years, it has grown to nine locations with the addition of a sister camp, as a direct result of a publicity driven public relations campaign.

Sue Bolen Publicity launched Modeling Camp in New York six years ago with top tier press attention from MSNBC, Crain’s New York Business, The New York Post, NBC’s LX and MTV’s “Made.” In subsequent summers, we added two locations each season and had high interest and registration, as a direct result of the previous year’s national, top tier press. Press attention garnered over each summer included The Daily News, Seventeen Magazine, LA radio, CBS’s Channel One News, Good Morning America, The New Yorker, a 30 second spot on The Insider…prime time television, who can beat that! Other media outlets included the Daily News, Newsweek’s The Daily Beast, NBC’s 6 Miami, The Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald.

Based on the level of excitement created from the previous summers’ national press attention and local press already set in motion for all regional new markets, Modeling Camp has been able to expand very successfully with high registration in each location.

Modeling Camp serves as a terrific case study in how a good publicity/press driven public relations campaign can drive measurable results and grow a business.

Mark Joseph Cakes…on The Today Show

One of my hottest placements has been for custom occasion cake baker, Mark Joseph Cakes, on the widely viewed, NBC’s Today Show.  Today Show does a spring wedding series every year, ultimately giving one  lucky couple their dream wedding, on national television.  After much networking at the national morning show, I pitched my very talented baker of custom occasion cakes. I succeeded in placing a Mark Joseph Cake on the Today Show, in two separate segments, for thirty second spots each.  This sort of exposure can’t be bought by a small business.  Two thirty second spots on a live, national, widely watched network morning show would have cost my client somewhere around a half million dollars. It’s a feature hit that I am very proud of and catapulted my client Mark Joseph Cakes, into the world view and the upscale audience of the Manhattan elite.

On The One….in The New York Times

The New York Times Style section is one of the most difficult columns to pitch and to see results from. I worked extremely hard at promoting my client, on The One, an upscale local boutique in Northern Westchester, as an expert source on fashion trends.  Through aggressive pitching and constant contact with the appropriate editor at the section, I succeeded in garnering national attention for the boutique’s owner when I arranged for her to be quoted on a particular brand she sold at her store.  She was only one of three local boutique owners in the tri-state area to be quoted in this feature. Her store was mentioned more than once as was her name and location.  This column helped to raise awareness for her website as well as attract new customers to the store.

Grappolo Locanda…News 12 Westchester

I arranged for the Chef and owner of a local, upscale eatery in Northern Westchester to do a cooking demonstration on local Westchester television.  For small, local businesses, local press can be very important.  I had my chef to a party segment; A terrific and easy to prepare appetizer for any holiday party.  This segment was a 10 minute live segment on local television and replayed several times throughout the weekend, along with the printed recipe and a photo of the Restaurant downloaded onto News 12’s website.  Amazing publicity that went really far for my client and had already loyal customers coming in to talk about it for several weeks after, as well as new customers making reservations, as a direct result of seeing the Chef/Owner of this restaurant on such a perfect broadcast segment.