Every business has a story to tell.  Small businesses especially need to get the word out about themselves, and my job is to develop your company’s story and to sell it to the media.  From many years of experience, I craft stories that will be unique and compelling to the media.  I know how to find the angle for your story that will “hook” the press, assuring that it is gripping enough to reach the right people, raising awareness of you and your business. Inundated with advertising, each year consumers increasingly learn to tune out mainstream ad efforts. This is even more true in tough economic times, making public relations an increasingly powerful and vital method to attract new customers, as well as maintaining your already loyal patrons.


  • Developing a well rounded and strategic public relations campaign.  Achieving the “buzz” for your business is important, but maintaining a constant wave of attention and publicity is even more important.
  • Arranging interviews in national and global print, broadcast and Internet media outlets as well reaching market by market local press.
  • Attracting local press attention in your market, for smaller business who warrant a more regional public relations campaign.
  • Establishing you as a expert source with the appropriate press who covers your industry, so writers and producers come to us for quotes and newsworthy items.
  • Launching new businesses and startups so that they achieve widespread awareness in the press at the beginning, when it counts most for success.
  • Arranging of media tours throughout the country as well as satellite media tours right in the comfort of your home city.
  • Each project and each client is unique and a press list of targeted media outlets specific to each client is carefully planned.
  • Planning your press conferences.
  • Creating your press kit.
  • For restaurants, target top national food press, invite the food editors and critics in at the right times and help to maintain a high level of attention for the restaurant and its chef through chef appearances and recipe driven features.


Marketing efforts are also paid close to attention to with the preparation of a strategic marketing plan inclusive of special events and promotions to attract wide spread publicity for your business as well as establish brand loyalty for your product or company.

  • Organizing special events and charity events.
  • Promoting special events and inviting appropriate press to attend.
  • Arranging of paid speaking engagements for clients when appropriate.
  • Managing participation in radio promotions…a cost effective method of creating some brand identification.
  • Some examples of events that I have arranged are cooking demonstrations, author luncheons, charity auction events.